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Expansion of Union Activities: The socialists later formed Hind Mazdoor Panchayat H. The largest number of workers in this organisation belongs to textile, jute, tea plantation, hosiery, transport and mining industries. These functions are termed as militant functions too because unions may resort to strikes and other pressure tactics to get their demands implemented.

The interest and welfare of the workers are very often ignored.

But the National Commission on labour recommended the increase of rate of membership subscription from 25 paisa to Re. Many a times, the employers refuse recognition to trade unions under the contention that unions consist of only a small number of workers or because of multiplicity of union.

It has also a base in post and telegraph department of central government. In pursuit of its primary objective, the Act contains 33 sections.

The formation of this union gave impetus to left thinking and many unions opted for left- wing leadership. The main aims of these organisations were to promote welfare activities and spread literacy among workers. This will help in eliminating the problems created by multiplicity of unions.

These functions include provision of educational, recreational and housing facilities. Many unions in India undertake only limited welfare activities.

Thus, the political leadership is very harmful to the trade union movement in India. The existence of this phenomenon can be attributed partly to the domination of outside leaders and partly to the labour laws. Essay The Trade Unions Act, Unions try to play down each other in a bid to gain greater influence on the workers.

Unions must put a joint front. CITU claims a membership of over 12 lakh workers. The mere threat of a union may bring the management to terms.

Trade Unions in Britain - Essay Example

Recognition of Trade Unions: These associations were not affiliated to any central organisation or federation. Essay Present Position of Trade Union: Employers are under no obligation to give recognition to unions. They feel that their major activity is to fight with the employer for more wages and allowances.

Trade Unions in Great Britain - Essay Example

The unions try to resolve these issues through collective bargaining. This unsound financial position is mostly due to low membership and low rate of membership fee. Duties and responsibilities of registered trade unions. Due to the financial weakness, most of the unions are not in a position to undertake welfare programmes for their workers.

The management should be penalised for victimisation of members of unions and also for adopting unfair practices to discourage members from joining unions. Political outsiders establish unions of their own to increase their political influence. The commission made following recommendations to strengthen the unions: As a result, public support or sympathy is not available to the unions.

Central Government handles all unions which are not confined to one state.Need an argumentative essay on Is there a role for Trade Unions in the new employee relations. Needs to be 10 pages. Please no plagiarism. Current paper focuses on the examination of the role of trade unions in the new employee relations developed in businesses across Britain.

Trade unions were also endorsed by the Catholic Church towards the end of the 19th Century. Today, we live in a world where workers have assumed great importance. The employers have started to realize the importance of workers.

Essay on History of Trade Unions and NTUC - History of Trade Unions and NTUC A trade union is an organized group of employees in a particular sector, whose aim is to negotiate with employers over pay, job security, working hours by using the collective power of the members.

The trade union membership has sharply declined in the UK during the period of tofrom 14 to 8 million members. There are several reasons for this, which will be considered in the present paper, with the describing of possible influence of this reduction on the employment relations.

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The Development of Trade Unions in Britain There are many different factors as to why trade unions developed so incredibly slowly in Britain.

The problems started from the s when New Model Unions were introduced.

Essay # Trade Union Movement in India: The trade union movement in India started with the forming of Bombay Mill Hands Association in by N.K. Lokhands. InAmalgamated Society of Railway Servants, Printers Union of Calcutta inMadras and Calcutta postal Unions were the other associations formed in the beginning .

Trade unions in britain essay
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