The question of using filtering software in the internet censorship debate

My opponent gives a hypothetical situation and states that this situation "limits our Freedom of Speech. Simultaneously, those who listen to the speaker may experience an increase or a decrease in utility [ 8 ]. Do you think that countries with more censorship have less violent and sexual crime?

While the courts and the law literature have provided many opinions and studies of the constitutional issues involved in censorship, surprisingly economists have had relatively little to say about the topic of censorship in general.

That is what this article attempts to do. Thanks for the debate! In Julythe Court determined that COPA likely violated the First Amendment but did not rule on the constitutionality of the law but sent the underlying case back to a lower court for trial [ 7 ].

An appendix, available from the author upon request, provides the questions and their possible answers; the categories used to determine the dummy variables are provided in bold print.

Therefore, a reasonable interpretation is the relative support for government intervention on the Internet [ 11 ]. While the Court arguably should not concern itself with the demographics underlying support of legislation, it is of interest to policy makers and others whether a Supreme Court decision alone will likely settle the issue of Internet censorship or whether the complexities of the issue indicate that additional legislation will likely be passed by future Congresses.

Several bills focusing on information posted and viewed on the Internet have passed recent U. All deletion decisions may be reviewed, either informally or formally. A metainformation system allows one to talk about information. It was initially thought that Tunisia had blocked DailyMotion due to satirical videos about human rights violations in Tunisia, but after Secure Computing corrected the mistake access to DailyMotion was gradually restored in Tunisia.

A technically simpler method of Internet censorship is to completely cut off all routers, either by software or by hardware turning off machines, pulling out cables. The survey included questions pertaining to individual characteristics, Internet and computer proficiency and, important to this investigation, the relative support for Internet censorship.

At present, the authorities have devoted an increasing amount of attention to also filtering mobile applications. This is achieved by returning a fake "Not Found" error message when an attempt is made to access a blocked website.

As the Internet has expanded and evolved, the threat of government regulation has become more realistic. For the purposes of this paper, the data are restricted to respondents from the United States, yielding 4, observations [ 9 ].

Internet Censorship

To date, the Internet censorship movements have taken two predominant forms: The data employed in this study were gathered incontemporaneous with the passage of COPA, and provide a unique insight into the prevailing attitudes about Internet censorship at the time the legislation was passed.

Major web portal official statements on site and content removal See also: This limits our Freedom of Speech. It enables all kinds of uses of information finding information making laws about information breaking laws about information It is not the place of a technical metadata system to try to limit the statements one can make with metadata, or the laws if any which are made.

Abdolsamad Khorramabadi, secretary of the Working Group to Determine Instances of Criminal Content said in an interview with the ISNA news agency on April 4,that these applications would have been blocked earlier but action was postponed until the development of national mobile applications.

In general, there are information acts which societies regard as legal, and those which are illegal such as fraud. Taking away rights for some so that everybody is on the same level is cannot be considered human rights.

This is what the PICS project was all about. Which is it more important to control - sexual or violent scenes? In addition, networking tools and applications that allow the sharing of information related to these motives are themselves subjected to filtering and blocking.

A Time Magazine article quotes computer scientist John Gilmoreone of the founders of the Electronic Frontier Foundationas saying "The Net interprets censorship as damage and routes around it. Rather, political intolerance is a weighted average of several issues, including support for freedom of speech, assembly and political association.

One cannot, therefore, at this level say what individuals will be able to do. However, I say this is untrue because the internet is not our only means of spreading the truth. If a political party advocates violent actions should they have the freedom to do so or should they be silenced?A Taxonomy of Internet Censorship and Anti-Censorship Draft Version December 31, debate on Internet censorship by discussing four main themes.

Goals of this survey: 1. Much of the filtering software is developed internally. Filtering and Censorship. Information is powerful stuff. The world has been enthralled by the power which the Web, the universe of accessible information, gives to people and to groups working and playing together.

At the core of the ongoing debate is a law passed by Congress in that mandates all public libraries and schools that receive federal.

The Internet first became available in Iran in with the start of dial-up services. Over the next few years, there were no clear guidelines for filtering sites and filtering remained relatively limited, with only intermittent instances of.

Internet Censorship and Filtering

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The question of using filtering software in the internet censorship debate
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