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But there are too many gaps. This is the twenty-third book by esteemed journalist Jim Lehrer, who has moderated 11 debates over the course of the past six presidential elections and here provides an inside look at the process. Instead, Lehrer seems content to supply anecdotes and only a few juicy facts as he gives us a whirlwind tour across fifty years of debating history.

Presidential debates have indeed been filled with tension for the candidates and the moderators and journalists involved. Bush described the impending debates. Among the memorable recollections: I knew Jack Kennedy. Minow and Craig L.

Lehrer, news anchor for The NewsHour on PBS and the moderator of many of the debates, offers a behind-the-scenes look at the process.

Tension city : inside the Presidential debates, from Kennedy - Nixon to Obama - McCain /

At times, Tension City fights to double as a psuedo-memoir, with Lehrer charting his journey from neophyte to consummate pro. To return to the food metaphor, the book left me hungry for more and I ended up crawling through cyberspace searching for clips from the Dukakis - Regan debate or the Cheney - Lieberman debate which, apparently, was one of the most civilized in history.

They have three daughters. In this history-cum-memoir of serving as the longtime moderator of the debates, Lehrer describes this intersection of politics, performance, and journalism-with plenty of delicious behind the scenes details.

Bush disliked the debates, but Bill Clinton relished them. Even so, it is an easy, agreeable read but those wanting a more substantial first-person account could try Newton N. The metaphor is apt since, like a good croquette, Tension City is easy to digest and possible to finish in a single sitting.

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Drawing on interviews conducted over 20 years for a PBS oral history, Lehrer chronicles the nervousness of candidates and journalists, regrets and triumphs, and the maneuvering for advantage on everything from seating to lighting; he also recounts problems with audio feeds and locations.

Lehrer points out a few moments when this fact has come to haunt a candidate: Interviews with candidates reveal their love or loathing for the ritual of the presidential debates-George H. Here, Lehrer recounts his experiences in front of the camera between and as moderator of 11 of these televised election-year spectacles.

Bush decried its " artificiality," while Bill Clinton, unsurprisingly, "spoke with detail and delight about his experiences," like "a master politician talking shop. The televised debate, of course, revolutionized American politics, beginning with the Nixon-Kennedy debates of 1 quote from Tension City: Inside the Presidential Debates, from Kennedy-Nixon to Obama-McCain: ‘Not everyone can be relaxed or comfortable enough to ser.

Tension City likes. The offical page of Soca Artist Tension. he is singer/song writer, and he will also take the Soca Arena by storm. Tension city: inside the Presidential debates, from Kennedy - Nixon to Obama - McCain / Presents an analysis of political debates from the last two decades through the preparations, executions, and mistakes of recent moderators and participants, offering insight into specific high-profile events and decisions.

In “Tension City: Inside the Presidential Debates, from Kennedy-Nixon to Obama-McCain,” Jim Lehrer offers his impressions of the. Tension City: Inside the Presidential Debates - Kindle edition by Jim Lehrer.

Tension City: Inside the Presidential Debates, from Kennedy-Nixon to Obama-McCain

Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Tension City: Inside the Presidential Debates/5(32).

Tension City is at once Lehrer’s behind-the-blue-curtain account of his central role in almost a dozen presidential debates and an original, brisk inner history of recent American politics, combined with important lessons on how to moderate anything—all told in Lehrer’s famously wry and authoritative voice/5(6).

Tension city
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