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The Council of Basel deposed Eugenius as a heretic on June 25, Yet Paul encouraged the Romans to enjoy carnivals, and he decreed that should be a year of celebration. In July of that year Pius declared Caterina of Siena a saint. The French army defeated the Venetians in the battle at Agnadello on May 14, and by the end of the month Bergamo, Brescia, Crema, and Cremona had surrendered to the French.

He had spentducats on a Pope phft2015 ind im 05 jewel-studded tiara. In the summer of the Canetoli faction captured the legate Louis Aleman and took over Bologna. His edict with major reforms on May 3, met so much resistance that he did not enforce them.

Because the Florentine Signory permitted the council to meet at Pisa, the Pope declared war on Florence. A Jubilee Year was celebrated in in Rome, and according to Aeneas Sylvius 40, people went from church to church each day.

Julius sent Cesare Borgia to Imola and ordered him to recruit a new army. Rimini, Forli, and other cities opened their gates for the French. That year Annibale Bentivoglio led a successful revolt in Bologna against the Church.

Platina later got revenge by writing a History of the Popes. He even promised a plenary indulgence to anyone who killed a Venetian.

When Venice made peace with Ferrara, he put it under the interdict. When Cardinal Ferrari died, Pope Alexander seized his 50, ducats and sold his benefices so that Cesare could hire an army of 6, men.

Cardinal Giuliano had three daughters, and the children of Rodrigo Borgia were prominent at parties. After his troops fled, Cesare was surrounded and killed on March 12, at the age of The papal army managed to regain the fortresses and Ostia. However, as soon as he became Pope, he made the cardinals sign a document with his conditions.

He studied at Padua and Rome where he became a priest. Jerome married Caterina Sforza. Sigismund was elected emperor in Julyand he announced a council at Constance on October 30, Innocent died on July 25, Gregory granted much territory to his brother and nephews in fee.

Cibo was born in Genoa but was brought up at the Aragonese court of Naples.

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Like the Spanish Inquisition, this campaign against witches also lasted for three centuries and caused hundreds of thousands of women and some men to be imprisoned, tortured, and killed. The diarist Stefano Infessura wrote that Rome had about 6, public courtesans in In his three-hour opening address Pius urged them to follow the example of Christian martyrs and carry on war against the Turks.

This motivated women to confess in order to protect their families, the usual reward being that she would be strangled before being burned. All but four of the 25 cardinals in the enclave were Italians. Maximilian was promised Verona, Padua, and Aquileia.

Rome, Popes, and Naples 1400-1517

They bound themselves to fight the Turks and planned to divide up Venetian holdings. Calixtus confirmed the right of Portuguese to enslave infidels and Africans by his Inter Caetera bull in They stopped the transfer of funds from France to Rome and declared that princes had the right to oppose Julius by force even in papal territory.

Six days later the Cardinal got a fever but recovered after three days. In Innocent confirmed the Grand Inquisitor Torquemada in Spain, and he promoted a crusade against Waldensians by offering indulgences. In the year hundreds of thousands of pilgrims came to Rome for the Jubilee, and money was put aside for a Turkish crusade.

The congress was delayed and opened on September New Pope Molecular Wiped-Film Still System includes vapor trap, rotary vane and diffusion pumps, feed and discharge gear pumps, optional feed vessel with mixer, optional residue cooler, and.

Links for 05/16/ May 16, 'Sterile hypocrisy' behind mistreatment of migrants, pope says. Jul 6, State of Earth tomorrow depends on action today, pope tells activists. Pope Felix IV (III) (d.

Pope Felix IV

22 September ) served as the Pope of the Catholic Church from 12 July to his death in He was the chosen candidate of Ostrogoth. Watch video · The pope also voiced his support for immigrants on Twitter Wednesday morning.

“A person’s dignity does not depend on them being a citizen, a migrant, or a refugee. Chapter 9: EmployeeExpenses and Deferred Compensation Prentice Hall’s Federal Taxation Individuals Type.

The papal conclave of May was convened on the death of Pope Leo XI and ended with the election of Camillo Borghese as Pope Paul V. This was the second conclave ofwith the one that had elected Leo XI having concluded just 37 days earlier.

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Pope phft2015 ind im 05
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