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According to the School Library Journal"Giff masterfully weaves these two strands together in a surprising and satisfying ending. This section contains words approx. Hollis attempts to fish in the woods to provide some food, but sees a distant figure that she assumes is Picture of hollis woods book report fisherman.

Remembering her good times at Branches and knowing that the Regan family will be at their winter home, she decides to hide with Josie at the cabin. In the Fourteenth Picture, Hollis draws a family like in her W picture, but it is different because she is holding Christina, her six-week-old sister; Hollis finally has a family.

Pictures of Hollis Woods Summary

Hollis always dreamed of climbing the nearby mountain, but Steven warned her it was too dangerous. They encourage her gift for drawing, and Hollis becomes close friends with their son Steven. But as Hollis plans their escape, she thinks about her summer with the Regan family, a summer so special it almost hurts to remember it.

They begin to descend the mountain in the truck, but the darkness and slipperiness of the path causes Steven to lose control and crash, injuring himself.

Hollis is a gifted artist, and she thinks about the pictures she has created, especially a representation of a family she had done for a school assignment when she was only six. Fearing discovery, she runs away. Although he only suffers minor injuries, Hollis is devastated, blaming herself for the crash.

The mustard woman comes by the house to check up on Hollis and is dismayed to find her down by the pier with Josie when she should be in school.

What will happen when her memories catch up with her? She was originally abandoned at birth by her mother in a local park, with a scrap of paper instructing that she be named Hollis Woods after the park.

Patricia Reilly Giff is an American author and teacher. She struggles to care for both herself and Josie in the cabin, where there is little food and poor heating. The parents, who Hollis calls Old Man and Izzy, were extremely kind and welcoming to Hollis, despite her standoffish nature.

Why does Hollis think she is the reason Steven and the Old Man argue? Hollis eventually realizes that Josie can no longer care for Hollis or herself, and calls Beatrice, asking her to take Josie in.

She secretly leaves the house the next day to climb the mountain, a final celebratory gesture before she becomes a part of the family. In the Thirteenth Picture, the Old Man tries to convince Hollis to come home, but she refuses because she knows he will continue blaming Steven for everything.

However, she encounters Steven, who has come to the cabin feeling that she would be there. In First Picture, Hollis draws a picture of a family for her homework assignment, which is to depict something beginning with the letter W, but her teacher marks it with an X because she does not understand that W is for wish or want.

Some of the questions contain key elements of the plot.

Pictures of Hollis Woods Summary & Study Guide

Steven drives the family truck up the mountain to find her and rescues her, but on the way back, Steven crashes on the slippery mountain road.

How would Hollis define "home? He asks Hollis to come back to the Regans to be a part of their family, and she agrees. Her current foster home is with an kindly older artist named Josie, who treats Hollis with love but is beginning to lose her memory and independence.

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Why is Hollis determined to be tough? Hollis is overwhelmed and agrees, feeling loved and accepted into a family for the first time in her life. She tries to call Beatrice, but Beatrice cannot be reached.

However, she struggles to care for both herself and Josie there, with little food and poor heating. In the Eighth Picture, the Regans tells Hollis of their plan to adopt her, which they celebrate with a cake in the Ninth Picture, and this is also when Hollis decides to climb the mountain and tell the world she has finally found a family.

The epilogue shows Hollis as a member of the Regan family, now officially Hollis Regan. Looking at the pictures she has drawn in chapter fifteen, Hollis realizes that Josie belongs with Beatrice and that the Old Man loves Steven whether she is with them or not.

In chapter seventeen, Hollis calls Beatrice who agrees to come home and live with Josie, and when Steven calls Izzy, Hollis asks if she can come home. After this extremely happy summer, the Regans ask Hollis if they can adopt her.Artistic year-old Hollis Woods has a habit of running away from foster homes.

Now she is staying with Josie, an elderly artist, who wants her and needs her, and Hollis thinks she'll stay for a while. But Hollis worries about Josie's forgetfulness, while also remembering the only other time she was happy in a foster home, with a family that truly seemed to care about her.

Pictures of Hollis Woods is a young adult novel by Patricia Reilly Giff. The novel received a Newbery Honor Award in It was adapted for television in Plot summary. Pictures of Hollis Woods is the story Critics praised Giff's work in this book. Giff (Lily's Crossing; All the Way Home) again introduces a carefully delineated and sympathetic heroine in this quiet contemporary killarney10mile.comically talented Hollis Woods, age 12, has made a.

The book called Pictures of Hollis Woods, by Patricia Reilly Giff, was an interesting book.


It starts off as a girl, Hollis Woods, with an extraordinary talent of art, but was abandoned by birth. Hollis was in many different foster homes, but ends up running away because she dislikes the homes/5(). Hollis Woods is an award-winning classic and will be for many years to come.

Pick up a copy of Pictures of Hollis Woods for yourself and enter the magic of one girl’s fight to belong.

Pictures of Hollis Woods

Report. Dec 02,  · After running away from her last foster placement with the Regan family, twelve year old Hollis Woods is placed with a new foster mother, the loving, retired art teacher, Josie Cahill.

Hollis is a talented artist and her life stories unfold through her pictures/10().

Picture of hollis woods book report
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