Phl 5 theo principle of epikeia

Their kids are suffering greatly due to their unhappiness and seeing a terrible example of marriage. Which is the greater evil? Applies only to positive law 2. She and her husband have tried and tried, but their marriage is, according to her, beyond hope.

Thomas cites the example of citizens fleeing from an enemy. Certain limits are imposed upon its use a. He describes the use of epikeia as follows: However, the attitudes that they continually bring out in each other are terribly sinful as well.

It must therefore be used with great prudence 5. In cases of doubt, it must not be used. Should be appealed only in absolute necessity 4. Not to mention that they are hurting the kids.

PHL 5 (Theo) - Principle of Epikeia

Its use must involve something posing a sudden risk that needs immediate remedy 3. Legislators attend to what commonly happens, although if the law be applied to certain cases it will frustrate the equality of justice and be injurious to the common good, which the law has in view.

This is the object of epikeia which we call equity. It is a sin to get a divorce. The gates of the city are ordered locked by the authorities, but the use of epikeia demands that they be opened for the welfare of these citizens.

Therefore it is evident that epikeia is a virtue. The marriage has changed both of them into bitter, unhappy people. Thomas teaches in the Summa that epikeia o equity is part of the virtue of justice.

Thomas then goes on to give the examples of application in the use of epikeia, such as a madman who has deposited his sword with another and wishes to redeem it to do harm, or fight against his country.

In another place, St. They fight continually in front of the kids. It cannot be applied to incapacitating and invalidating law, or irritant laws, whose universal observance is demanded by the common good.

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Which is the greater good? Instead, one must according to the letter of the law and consult proper authority b. Great care should be taken to avoid acting out of self-interest or against the common good 6. They bring out the worst in each other.Search metadata Search text contents Search TV news captions Search archived web sites Advanced Search.

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written report5/5(1). ´╗┐PRINCIPLE OF EPIKEIA Definition Epikeia. n. The principle in ethics that a law can be broken to achieve a greater good. Reasonable Ancient Greek.

From the medical perspective, the principle of totality would mean that "all the parts of the human body, as parts, are meant to exist and function for the good of the whole body, and are thus naturally subordinated to the good of the whole body." PHL 5 (Theo) - Principle of Epikeia.

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Phl 5 theo principle of epikeia
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