My hometown poem

Familiar are both floor and walls.

My Old Hometown Church

Let us each pledge to sponsor a needy child in Eelam! I recollect how a spark from the coal mail train lit a blaze, to burn down a house within minutes!

Like in many families, Appah worked in Colombo, but My hometown poem harmonious home was filled with love contentment and care.

The rickshaws, bullock carts, Austin hiring cars and the infrequent buses were soon outnumbered by truckloads of soldiers, mostly African, during The Second World War My eyes drop down in front of me upon a hymnal book. How did I go astray?

How many times can God convict me of my wicked ways? Ananthanayagam and took part in all the college Tamil plays. I yet remember the superb portrayal of actors I.

Service, business, law, fine-arts, dance and song and even the parliament, with the first ever Tamil My hometown poem and Telecommunication Minister, C. How Ammah hurried us to dress up quickly in our long skirts, gold jewellery, a definite must then as people would rather borrow a chain than go with a bare neck!

We had the usual Vani vilas, visits by school inspectors, Health care officials and the occasional silent film show too. This Pillaiyar kovil and this old school, along with all the other Ariyalai temples and schools laid the strong foundation for spirituality, piety and the love of our Tamil language among our youth.

Familiar are the lights. I remember episodes like yesterday, as ever-fragrant memories of my peaceful, leisure filled life in the nineteen thirties and forties, vivid as ever flood forth in my mind. Shanmuganathan and Master Iyathurai in saree in lead roles in the play Manonmaniyam in the forties.

It is heartening that this passion now consumes not only me but burns bright in the hearts of every single old boy and girl living scattered over the globe, prompting them to send funds to rebuild pinnacles and chariots for temples.

We sat on the sand and watched programs spellbound which continued till morning. These trips were like picnics for every family with the breakfast chatty of kali, pittu and mangoes! My pets, pup Top and the kid-goat always trailing me.

There were very few Christian families in Ariyalai then, but Catholics from all over Jaffna flocked to the St. I hesitate and ponder some before I take a look. I first rode in a rickshaw, barefoot Suppan racing with the other rickshaws!

My Hometown - Poem by Tammie LeeAnn Thrasher

Some gingelly oil and vegetable vendors plus fishmongers walked door to door with the baskets on their head in their specified areas. How many times did I pretend and did not give God praise?

The Holler

It is great that Ariyalai young men and women continue to create history in all the nooks and corners of the wide world! Appah arranged Kamalakka Kamalasani Canagasingam — nee Clerical Muthiah to teach the violin to Chandra and me to nurture the love of Classical Carnatic music in us. We lived well, not missing any of the modern amenities of electricity, pipe-borne water, fridge, fan, radio, TV, etc.

I recollect our annual, eager, early morning bullock cart ride to bathe and worship at faraway Madduvil temple, with the big drums, sweet pongal rice, white brinjal curry and fried mothahams!This is my home town Where I grew up Where I learned right from wrong Where I learned that fire does not just burn houses but hearts as well Where I learned how to.

I've been writing poetry since I was a child, even having one poem published in my hometown newspaper! I've not done a lot of writing, like I /5(). My hometown varies a lot for the last ten years compared to when I was a child. The obvious changing has been occurred in people income rate, public services, and education.

My Hometown Poem Essay My hometown was a. Sep 20,  · I made a poem about my hometown, for school, and I liked it.

On Returning to My Hometown in 2035

I wanted to see how others like it, so like my vid if you do! I TAKE NO CREDUT FIR ANYTHING IN THIS VIDEO (except my poem). This Poem Appears In Read Issue.

More About this Poem. Previous in Issue On Returning to My Hometown in By Idra Novey About this Poet Idra Novey is the author of Exit, Civilian, a National Poetry Series Selection and a.

Hi there. Sometimes it hurts to think.

Hometown Quotes, Quotations & Sayings 2018

I'm driving around in my hometown I saw this old park that me and my friends would run and laugh and play at all the time.

My hometown poem
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