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She has each girl confess and apologize to the rest of the girls.

An Analysis of Power And Social Dynamics In 'Mean Girls'

What is "normal" to us is strange and foreign to her. Cady reflects that the "Girl World" is drama-free. She demonstrates her wit and intelligence when she outs Cady to Regina in the Movie speech analysis mean girls.

The Plastics take an interest in Cady, inviting her to sit with them at lunch and go shopping with them after school. In her efforts to get revenge on Regina, Cady gradually loses her individual personality and remakes herself in Movie speech analysis mean girls image of Regina.

If the Plastics subsume her into the group keep your enemies close! As part of her punishment and her reformation, she joins the Mathletes, which Damien and Regina both described earlier as "social suicide," in their competition.

The riot is eventually quelled by Principal Duvall Tim Meadows. Janis believes in being a straight-talker, Regina believes in manipulation for pleasure and profit.

That would have been a less satisfactory movie, of course. Cady was always too inquisitive, analytical and questioning to be an obedient follower.

Upon realizing that Cady has been accepted into the Plastics, Janis hatches a plan to get revenge on Regina, using Cady to infiltrate the Plastics. All Regina really cares about is the pleasure of manipulating others and maintaining her top dog status.

She instantly makes friends with two sweet teenagers, Damian and Janis, who, in the terms of the high school, were in the "out crowd. Insignificant in the grand scheme of things. If she were left as a free agent, she would earn the attention of the attractive boys Aaron, for instanceand she would threaten the alpha status of Regina and the Plastics.

Norbury Tina Feywho also appeared in the Burn Book in which Cady slandered her by saying that she sold drugs, makes the girls realize that all of them are guilty of hurting their peers. The Asians, etc are the in-between groups.

Follow me on Twitter for more musings on the infinite game of social reality. So Regina would have no choice but to decimate Cady altogether. This ignorance of actual social dynamics explains why they immediately started following Cady around once Regina was out of the picture.

When Cady finds out, what began as a game to discover secrets turns into a plan to destroy Regina. But the situation escalates to the point that it becomes more than just Cady and Regina getting hurt. She also turns Gretchen against Regina by making her think Regina thinks of Cady as a better friend instead of her.Published: Mon, 5 Dec Mean Girls.

In the movie “Mean Girls,” Cady, played by Lindsay Lohan is faced with a new chapter in her life when she enrolled in. The early part of Mean Girls is like a mixture of Heathers () and Goodfellas (), complete with breezy, journalistic narration: The nonconforming outcast Janis Ian (Lizzy Caplan)—not the.

A Movie Analysis of Mean Girls By: Molly Anderson CMS Important Characters Karen, Regina and Gretchen are considered to be the mean girls, the ones who think they are the best of the best in their high school and no one can mess with them.

Mean Girls () Plot. Showing all 6 items Jump to: Summaries (5) Cady is elected Spring Fling Queen, but in her acceptance speech, she declares her victory is meaningless: they are all wonderful in their own way and thus the victory belongs to everyone.

As a symbolic gesture, she breaks her tiara and distributes the pieces to her. Dianna Jamil Professor Paulin SPEECH 13 January Movie Speech Analysis- Mean Girls The movie, Mean Girls, may be portrayed as the typical chick flick; however, there are essential scenes in the movie that exemplify great life lessons.

Mean Girls Movie Review Summary

Nov 20,  · This week we examine Mean Girls, a film directed by Mark Waters and starring Lindsay Lohan and Rachel McAdams. === Get the Movie! === Analysis & Directed by: Jared Bauer.

Movie speech analysis mean girls
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