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His co-author Chester Elton has spent two decades helping clients engage their employees to execute strategy, vision, and values. Through his work, Robert has been helpful for improving the employee culture at hundreds of companies like Google, Toyota, Eli Lilly, and Inuit.

He has pioneered a number of innovative techniques to build culture with group engaging activities, such as bringing improv comedy to the workplace. Human Resource department also get in trouble while looking for well known professional, familiar with their industry, who will present a customized PowerPoint presentation with the perfect blend of humor and cutting edge information to keep the audience sit up and motivated but also well-informed on the presentation you are presenting.

This is a vital message for leadership teams, employee groups, or association audiences. As a guest speaker on innovation, Jeff is a natural performer and with his extensive experience you will get an exciting presentation that will propel any company to innovate.

Baileys keynote will inspire and invigorate your team with his brilliant message.

guest speaker

BigSpeak personally experienced the pleasure of having Adam speak at one of our meetings, and it was the best meeting we ever had! As a guest speaker at a corporate meeting Peter will advise your company on matter such as, finding opportunity in disruption to create more value, how to turn a challenge into opportunity and disruption into competitive an advantage, and building organizations and teams capable of sustaining growth through a culture of innovation, courageous leadership, and aligned individuals.

Guest Speakers

The person is usually not deeply connected with the event or running it in any way. Even in the smallest events, a guest speaker can be well worth hearing. Juliet helps attendees learn the pivotal difference between activity and productivity.

Since its creation, Afterburner has trained over 1. But, what is a Guest Speaker? Your team will never laugh harder and learn more in a meeting. The company was founded in by former U. Jeff is a great guest speaker to bring into your organization to provide your people with tips and tricks to boost innovation and creativity rom how you structure your business model to how you set up your office space.

Top Ten Guest Speakers

Many companies and top executives are struggled for years to find good guest speakers who are a good match for their group. Typically, their success depends upon how well matched their message or speech may be to the event in question, and also on how well they can deliver a speech or set forth a compelling message.

What is a Guest Speaker?

You can also use some tips to find the best speaker for your presentations.Learn how you can be a great guest speaker and make a memorable presentation during your guest speaking engagement. Don't be "that" guest speaker (the boring, forgettable one) with The Public Speaker's guide to being a successful guest speaker.


(plural guest speakers) Person who has been invited to present a speech at an event where they are not the host. Get Started. Check out our Sway for a simple overview on how to get started. Become a guest speaker. Becoming a guest speaker allows you to share your unique perspective with. Top Ten Guest Speakers What is a corporate guest speaker?

A guest speaker is who you call when you need some entertainment, a fresh face, and a new perspective at your corporate meeting or workshop. Guest speaker definition is - a person invited to a gathering to give a speech. How to use guest speaker in a sentence.

Guest speaker
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