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Maya, still confused about her feelings, tells Lucas that she wants to start off the new year being nice to him and that she is glad they will be together at midnight. Wanting to be with Riley at midnight, Charlie tries to show he cares about her. Riley tells him while that makes sense, a good relationship needs to have sensibility as well, leaving the two Girl meets world season 2 on separate sides of the roof.

Everyone leaves except for Riley, Maya, and Lucas. In their place, though, we got something arguably worse: Riley, Maya, and Lucas become uncomfortable as the game progresses.

The Verdict Girl Meets World: Riley ends the game on her turn and brings everyone up to the roof, minutes before the new year begins. The three sit alone on a bench, confused. Much like its predecessor, Girl Meets World did a lot of growing up between Seasons 1 and 2 and took bigger risks with its storylines, while examining more serious subject matter.

Yes, the romance subplot was frustrating, and some episodes veered into preachy territory, but overall this season did a good job of balancing character growth and making a statement, while also giving Boy Meets World fans an occasional update on old characters.

Farkle, for instance, really came into his own this year with episodes like "Girl Meets I Am Farkle" and "Girl Meets Money," which progressed his character in realistic and relatable ways.

For one thing, this season seemed to cut back on more of the "Disney Channely" moments -- that is, cheesy and over-the-top material specifically geared towards children. Season 2 was about developing the five main kids, and for better or for worse that was the only route that made sense, as the next generation continued to find their way.

They even introduced all-around good guy Charlie Gardner as a way of phasing Riley out of her thing with Lucas.

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He grins and says that makes up for everything. Heck, not even Lucas had much say in what went on between Riley and Maya.

On the rooftop, Riley asks Farkle for more time to confess her true feelings, but he refuses as he does not want lies to cause further damage. Admittedly, some storylines worked better than others, but Season 2 nevertheless broke new ground. Granted, there were fewer of these callbacks than last year, but ultimately I think that was for the best.

At the party, Charlie and the group play a couples game, in which Maya and Lucas are partners. Not to say there was none of that this year.

Season 2 to follow. Full spoilers from Girl Meets World: Good Girl Meets World: During his class, Cory teaches the importance of friendship and growth, and how without proper care, feelings can ruin them. At the same time, this season stuck to the core playfulness of both the previous season and previous series, and also developed the characters in unique and pivotal ways.

Honestly, this season was at its best when it focused on the kids learning more about the world.2 Girl Meets the New World: May 12, Maya begins to pressure Riley to find out what happened on their date. Cory and Topanga begin to wonder if Maya and Riley should be friends. Photos from the set of 'Girl Meets World' Season 2, featuring returning characters from 'Boy Meets World.'.

Girl Meets World - Season 2

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Girl Meets World (season 2)

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Girl Meets World Volume 2. Girl Meets the Real World. Season 3, Episode August 19, Riley experiences trouble with her debate assignment when she must .

Girl meets world season 2
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