Factors which affect china house prices economics essay

This is because prices have increased steadily again till date, globally.

It can be observed that there is an increase for a few years after oil prices have been low. From Figure 1, there is a notable increase in FDI from to At this time, OPEC also adjusted prices. In fact, this worrying has gone on since the early s; people from then have not been sure how much oil is left to use, and whether there would be alternative sources of this raw product that could be converted to usable fuel.

Protecting green belt land Ensuring minimum standards of house building and ensuring tenants get a fair deal Seeking to avoid house price volatility. Foreign firms are mostly always technologically advanced and well organised compared to domestic firms.

Ordinary Least Square OLS Regression The next step is the regression analysis; it explains the movements of the dependent variable in this case real GDP in terms of a set of other variables independent or explanatory variables through the quantification of a single equation.

The rise in prices can be propelled by the cost of fuel used to transport goods around. If one looks at a region like Iraq as an example, political unrest in recent times has not allowed trade to take place; their economy is weak and products are expensive.

On an international level, a product such as fuel is required to transport cargo and people abroad. For instance, with the entry of multinational companies MNCscompetition increases in the local market which will force existing inefficient firms to invest more in physical or human capital.

Along with this, there were other commodities that rose in price. The reason for choosing the data at constant prices is due to inflation rates, as constant prices reflect that the data will be adjusted taking inflation into account.

Below are few major factors that influence the market prices of products. The Middle East is believed to have an abundant supply of oil. If we look at the affordability of mortgage payments, buying a house looks more affordable because interest rates are much lower in the s, than in the s.

Political Conditions and International Relations: It is too difficult to raise a deposit. The productive value produced by companies supported by FDI has occupied a higher proportion in the gross value of industrial output Hong Jiang, and Zhuang Zhou Ireland and Spain have seen much bigger house price falls because they have large excess supply.Main factors affecting house prices.

Supply. UK house prices have stayed relatively high (despite recession and credit crunch) because of a shortage of supply. Ireland and Spain have seen much bigger house price falls because they have large excess supply. Interest rates. The UK housing market is sensitive to changes in interest rates.

Rising Oil Price Essay Factors that Affect the Price of a Product there are several factors that influence market prices of products in the same manner that oil is affected.

As an example of market price of a product, one can consider the level of dependency on a product such as oil. why not order your own custom Economics essay. There are many key factors that will affect the demand for housing some of the easy ones to notice are population and price.

These [tags: Economics] Free Essays words ( pages) the house prices rose at a huge extent and interest rates were at a.

The Determinants Of House Prices Economics Essay House prices are determined by demand and supply. If demand rises shift to the right or if supply falls (shifts to the left), the equilibrium price of houses will rise.

Essay Economic Factors That Affect Apple in China and Usa. Words Jun 12th, 7 Pages.

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Show More. Here is a table stating some of the economic factors that may affect Apple.

China United Kingdom As the price to buy a particular currency falls so too does the real price of exports from the country. Imports become more.

Although Chinese house market as a "new" market, some of these factors have the same explanatory power on housing prices such as disposable income, population growth, construction costs, property taxes, mortgage interest rates, land prices, vacancy, unemployment rates, however, house market in China still have its own characteristic.

Factors which affect china house prices economics essay
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