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This went against the mandate of prisons which is to correct the offenders so that they can become good citizens. Areas that need restructuring are; management overhaul i.

The government felt that by privatizing service delivery, there would be increased competition which in turn would force prices to go down and also trigger innovation. This can clearly be seen by a report investigating the top five interest groups lobbying to keep marijuana illegal.

As an example, the company Heavy Eco operating in the United Kingdom believes that the reason why people go to jail lies in their childhood. They reported fewer critical incidents.

Of all state and federal prisoners in the United States, currently about 8 percent are managed by private prisons. As mentioned earlier, a lack of reliable information challenging these assertions of measurable cost reductions is a major concern to elected officials.

Finally the prisoners are dissuaded to commit new offences. Louisiana was one of many states which, during the s, were faced with the problem of prison overcrowding. They encourage public prisons to also innovate and lower costs. Private Prisons in America: The end result has been a perverse mercantilism.

Like most privatization issues, this topic has many supporters from the liberal economic philosophy, as well as many detractors that argue against profit seeking enterprises.

Because one of the core functions of a prison is to deliver punishment, the corporations that run the private prisons do not have policy history or experience in this regard, given that their policies have focused on regulations and on the delivery of benefits to their clientele.

Private Prisons Essay

Three states have issued bans on the privatization of prisons because of the above-mentioned considerations. Crime Correction facilities being ran privately instead of being run by the government is a growing concept that has been meet with both praise and skeptisism.

Over all our prisons continue to over populate and Private Correctional facilities will be utilized and they are here to say. Certain benchmarks must be achieved by every concessionary in aspects concerning security levels, staff training, among others.

The public confidence on private prisons is of importance in ensuring that the prisons are not limited to customers. Inmates are human beings and should be treated with dignity and have access to basic necessities food, water, shelter and should not be deprived of their right if they are respecting their fellow constituents.

The management style overseeing the prisons should be taken into consideration. The ethical concerns of prison management must be fairly measured.

After the emergence of private prisons, expectations were high on how they would have changed the prison system in the USA. By evaluating the behavior and development of other privatized services i.

Private Prisons

There is concern being expressed over the possibility that prison conditions may deteriorate as a result of an effort to save money. Investors on the other hand looked at benefits that realized from the activity. This will ensure that profits realized from the industry are reinvested in service improvement and expansion of the business rather than paid to stockholders.

Even studies that dispute these claims do not necessarily maintain that public correctional facilities are by their very nature more cost-effective.

While we believe that many government services would be better of if privatized, the incentives and processes regarding prison privatization must be explored further. Impact on Prison Conditions. On February 14th the state of Florida, also desperate to cut its budget deficit, held a controversial vote to privatize state prisons.

Residents who have been at Delancey Street awhile interview all applicants. Most importantly, they should be given the necessary conditions to re-evaluate their behavior and to experience what it means of not having their liberty.

To achieve a useful evaluation, there must be controls in place. Up untilthere were an estimated of private prisons in the U. Why not do the same for private prisons? I think the industry should be restructured in order to increase generation of new ideas in service delivery. As discussed earlier, an important percentage of the compensation given by the state to the private concessionary should be linked to performance.

The most recent review, a meta-analysis by Lundahl et. More than two decades ago, the United Sates and Great Britain began experimenting with privatization of their prison systems, outsourcing the management to private enterprises. The dependence of private prison companies on the few and limited government consumers has rendered the market unprofitable and unable to expand.

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Private prisons are one of the fastest growing industries in the security and protection industry.Check Out Our Comparing Public and Private Prisons Essay A public prison is a place where individuals are physically confined and deprived of a number of personal freedoms by the government.

This is a legal penalty that is imposed by the government to the law breakers for the protection of the innocent people. Custom Private Prisons Essay The market for private prisons in United States emerged at a time when ideas were being put forward on downsizing the government in order to improve service delivery and accountability.

As ofthere wereinmates held in private prisons, representing 8% of the total 1, inmates held in all state and federal prisons.

Many researchers and academics have argued that although the United States has only 5% of the world’s population, it holds 25% of the world’s prison population. Oct. 18, Thesis Private prisons can be a profitable and secure alternative to government run Statement prisons. Private prisons are able to be profitable by controlling the administrational cost of operating the facilities.

Thus the birth of the private prison took place, helping to relieve the stress at the state prisons, by allowing them to send their overflow of inmates to the smaller private facilities. Industry –funded studies often include that states can save money by using private prisons.

Private Prisons or For -Profit Prisons - Private Prisons A private prison or for-profit prison, jail, or detention center is a place in which individuals are physically confined or interned by a third party that is contracted by a government agency.

Essays on private prisons
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