Essay on should women be given 33 reservation in parliament

A privileged MP will be seen to have been elected from a single-member constituency and will represent it independently while those elected from double- member constituencies will have to share it with a male member. Yes, this is very true. Even then the members of Samajwadi Party and some members of the ruling party tore the copies of the bill and expressed their political standards.

Swami Vivekananda writes in his work: These women scholars might have been exceptions in the society, yet they did reflect upon the general attitude of the society and a relatively good status of the women. Sometimes one feels that basically the reservation issue is nothing but a populist policy of a government, but still it is necessary to discuss the rationale behind such a policy.

Importance of the reservation of seats for women in parliament! A girl child is terminated sin many cases at the very initial stage through abortion.

Males and female are born to be equal. How can two MPs create problems within a constituency if the task of implementing programmes rests with the executive arm of the government?

The tormentor turns out to no one but their own family, friends and fellow humans. For instance, several law schools in India have a 30 per cent reservation for females. Finally, inconstitutional amendments were made to reserve one-third seats for women in Panchayats and Municipalities elections.

It has been established that when you give women rights, it helps not just women but the family and the community, as women, being engaged in family and community negotiations, think in a more collective manner.

At present there is no woman chief minister in the country and even when there has been a woman CM in the past, it has always been an exception rather than the rule. Despite all this, women are playing an important part in Indian politics today.

Also, reservation for women, as we have seen in the cases of the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Other backward Classes, would become a populist tool at the hands of powers — that — be.

What is the basic need of a girl? Where do we need to work more?

1130 words essay on Women’s Reservation Bill (India)

The message going out will be that women are capable of managing seats on their own and will end up being treated as little more than addons. Unfortunately, after being passed by the Rajya Sabha, this bill could not yet be voted in the Lok Sabha.

The government should not announce reservations only to indirectly point out that women of certain class are weaker or backward.

Importance of Reservation of Seats for Women in Parliament | India

Why the situation is like this? Then only she can enjoy the benefits, the security or the reservations made for her. Perhaps the degradation of the status of women started in the later Vedic period, because in the Rig — Vedic period we have references to many women scholars like Matitreyi, Gayatri etc.

Considering the condition of the rural women a policy like reservation, ad hoc as it is, will not have much of an impact. God never sent us for this. For women having potential but lacking in proper opportunities such a policy would be highly beneficial. It is expected the Bill will change the society to give equal status to women.

Some other politicians feel that grant of reservation of seats in Parliament and legislature is not going to solve the problems of women; it will not make any qualitative difference in the condition of the women and, therefore, the solution to improving the lot of women lies elsewhere and not in their presence in greater number in legislatures.

The supporters and opponents of the bill continue to stick to their guns. However, this reservation varies from state to state in our country. We must welcome this as an Act.

However, I am lucky that I was an exception to this maltreatment. The lack of political and administrative will and apathy has resulted in a lack of quality education at all levels in the villages. However, it was an oblivious issue later. Of course, one myth that is easily exploded by the role played by such women leaders is that political leadership by women is dramatically different from that by men.

Comprehensive Essay on Woman’s Reservation

However, seeing the state of affairs in India, I think reservation is a step toward women emanicipation, as it will become mandataory for the fairer sex to represent the country in parliament.Women already enjoy 33 per cent reservation in gram panchayats and municipal elections.

In addition, women in India get reservation or preferential treatments in education and jobs. For instance, several law schools in India have a 30 per cent reservation for females.

For the women who have made history without portfolios and reserved seats, where women would be the contestants would expose better, the politics of ‘by women, of women, for women’. It is to be realised by the Indian politicians that they can no longer ignore the justified demand of reservation for the women in Parliament and State.

Essay on “Reservation for Women in Parliament” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes. Reservation for Women in Parliament Synopsis: In spite of much constitutional provision for protection women, Indian society suffers from deep rooted gender-bias.

Insights Daily Debates: Day – 05 January Archives. Today’s Topic ” Should Women be Given 33% or more Reservation in Legislatures?

Women should be given 33% reservation in parliament: AIMEP President Dr. Nowhera Shaikh

“ NOTE: Unlike past we will not be giving you topic in question observed that. WOMEN RESERVATION BILLS PASSING OF PARLIAMENT OF INDIA Women's Reservation Bill or The Constitution (th Amendment) Bill, is a pending bill in India which proposes to reserve thirty three per cent of all seats in the Lok Sabha, the Lower House of Parliament of India, and state legislative assemblies.

Women’s Reservation Bill: Pros and Cons & Politics On Women’s Day (March 8), India witnessed the high voltage drama over much talked Women’ Reservation Bill in the Parliament. The Women’s Reservation Bill is the most essential bill to empower women in Indian politics.

Essay on should women be given 33 reservation in parliament
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