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The girl is not allowed to be educated, she is not given any freedom of expression, action or thought and she continues to remain uncared for and a forlorn individual. Unborn fetuses continue to be sniffed in the womb and terminated without second consideration if their existence is even hinted at.

Female foeticide in India took the air because of the occurrence of gender-selective abortions technology which led to the clear and sharp drop in the ratio of girls child. Government of India has taken some positive steps regarding save girl child such as protection of women from domestic violence actban of female infanticide, immoral traffic prevention act, proper education, gender equality, etc.

Then why people do lots of violence again women and girl child. Girl child has fundamental rights of equality in the society like boys. Let us analyze as to why this peculiar situation persists and how we should deal with it. Her second rate citizenship is reflected in the denial of fundamental needs and rights and in such harmful attitudes and practices as a preference for sons, female genital mutilation, incest, sexual exploitation, domestic abuse, discrimination, early marriage, less food and less access to education.

Extreme poverty in the society has created social evil against women as dowry system which worsens the situation of women. New couples are in pressure from their family members and relatives to give birth to a baby boy.

India is a fast growing country in every fields. All the rules and regulations should be tough and active against those who are involved in the crime against girls whether they are parents, doctors, relatives, neighbors, etc.

Various social organizations have helped the campaign by building toilet at girl schools. Saving girl child is a big social awareness programme launched by the government of India to attract human mind on save girl child. People need to open their eyes to their thinking about the girl being a curse to their family.

Not just in their traditional roles of wife, daughter and mothers, girls are even the sole bread-winner of the family. If those in positions of power and authority do not respect your needs and feelings, they will not earn your respect.

The scenario is so varied that, it is really difficult to understand what we are really doing or trying to do in this regard. According to statistics, female literacy is steadily declining in Odisha, where girls do not have equal access to education and other activities. They have been proved much responsible for their family, job, society or country.

Both are equally responsible for the existence of human race on the earth as well as growth and development of any country. Saving the girl child first needs parents to change their mind. Female foeticide is both a national problem and a social evil.

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Only when we start realizing this fact, that, a girl is also as much of a human as a boy, with her own feelings and aspirations, we will be able to end this long standing struggle for the girl child.

Here, the myth still remains that, education is useless for girls - they have to concentrate on house work, child bearing and child bringing up all through life - and all this, it is believed needs no education.

I hope you all support me and let me fulfill the goal of this speech. The aim of this scheme was controlling female foeticide as well as improving the status of girl child through education and equal gender rights. Effective Steps regarding Save Girl Child Following are the various effective steps to save girl child: This he does by using his God gifted physical strength and it is this reason that, crimes against women are now on the rise.

Low position of women: It would be best for us to remember that a girl is a girl and a boy is a boy, and never the two can be same. Present day champions of women excellence in India are numerous — from a woman Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi, to the heroic deeds of Kiran Bedi, the first woman IPS officer of India, there should be no doubt that our women.

There is wrong culture against women in India that girls are only consumers whereas boys are money givers. Amidst uproars of gender equality and enforcement of laws protecting their wellbeing, female infants are still found dumped in trash, by the dozens. The four primary reasons behind this, according to experts, are, 1 Pre-existing low social position of women — Women are still considered second rate citizens who do not have the right to basic freedom and privileges that men enjoy.

The aim of this scheme was controlling female foeticide as well as improving status of girl child through education and equal gender rights.

In order to enhance the writing skill and knowledge of the students, teachers assign them this topic to write only paragraph or complete essay in the classroom, during exam or any competition organized for the essay writing. Life possibility on the earth is because of both male and female however what will happen if the number of one sex is continuously decreasing.

They should raise the voice against criminal doctors killing innocent girls in the womb before their birth just for getting some money. Strict enforcement of laws relating to medical scanning.

In states of Rajasthan and Haryana, at many places new born girl child is drowned in boiling milk and even fed pesticides.

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Then it was declared as a worsening problem of the society after the national census of It was continues in the results of national census especially in the prosperous regions of India.words essay on Girl child in India.

At least in India, the girl child has been a topic of discussions and debates for the past several decades but, even today. Writing sample of word essay on a given topic "Respect" Word Essay On Respect.

June 27, by admin Essay Samples, Free Essay Samples. Facebook 3 Twitter 0 Google+ 0 Viber WhatsApp. Respect. Have you ever been in a situation where someone questions your beliefs, passion and dreams?

Imagine yourself in a world full. However there is one common thread that links all these different forms of festivities—the feeding of the kanya (girl child) on the seventh, eighth and ninth days. The Meaning of Respect Essay.

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Words 3 Pages. Most people go through life and always hear about the word respect, but they don’t know what it means. Respect is the esteem for or a sense of the worth or excellence of a person.

There are things in life you need to hold in respect.

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Respect for yourself, respect for others, and respect for. Free Respect papers, essays, and research Or that child abuse can lead to lesbianism when the special needs of a little girl are denied, ignored, or exploited and the future womanhood of the child is in risk.

the parent. Teachers and schools should not have to be responsible for teaching your child manners, common courtesy, nor respect. People should save girl child and respect girl child as they have power to create a whole world. They are equally needed for the growth and development of any country.

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