Developing a business plan rubric

Individuals can discuss ideas with the teacher providing assistance as required. Proficient Marketing of the business was discussed including the identification of the target market and how they will be reached, customer needs and product characteristics, pricing, distribution, promotions.

Thorough explanation of how things will be accomplished. Record Each students marks were added to an excel spread sheet and the rubric is photocopied and kept in a result folder.

Creating a Business Plan for Your Franchise

The students are required to develop a section of a business plan advising the potential owner of a suitable location for their business including marker research and compliance with the legal and government regulations. Proficient Form of business ownership was chosen and defined.

The student justifies location based on a detailed understanding of available information including extensive referencing to the case study and management terms. Explanation of how your products will be competitive was missing. No explanation of how things will be done.

This is a summative assessment task that will be used to rank students on a standards reference scale. Medium The student can describe and discuss information relating to location options, government regulations and market research, and understand the impacts of these aspects on business decision-making.

No explanation of methods of doing things. For example, a rubric for auditing the effectiveness of management may include performance categories that reviews efficiencies in budgeting, work sequencing or controlling inventory. Includes explanation of how your products will be competitive.

Some explanation of how things will be accomplished. Identify a business concept or process to evaluate. Task Development of a business plan Students are given a case study describing a potential business owner and their idea. Construct Description Outstanding The student can synthesise information to form a recommendation of the most suitable location for the proposed business.

Administer The SAC is a open book written report completed individually with access to online resources. High The student forms a recommendation of a suitable location for the proposed business, based on an analysis of the benefits and limitations of available locations, and having regard to government regulations and market research.

A graphical assessment tool, a rubric is used to evaluate discrepancies and is employed by an assortment of industries. In business, rubrics are designed to record, line up, compare or score data and information.

This is illustrated by the following graphic. Advanced Form of business ownership was chosen, defined, and reasoning was given for the choice of ownership. Use The assessment was used as a reporting tool in parent teacher interviews and on end of semester reports.

Explanation of how things will be done. Tip Business strategy and ethical considerations can be analyzed to make better decisions using rubrics for problem-solving. Alternatively, a business rubric template form might list sales forecasts or output goals for comparison against actual performance.

Total Who are your customers, where are they,what do they want?Example of a Business Plan Evaluation Rubric 1 Example of a Business Plan Evaluation Rubric Scenario: The School of Management at the International Academy of Commerce and Business Enterprise offers a Bachelor of Business Administration.

Students develop a business plan for a retail or service business that they are personally interested in starting. Each student will be responsible for all portions of the comprehensive plan that covers everything, including Executive Summary, Business Description, writing a mission statement, developing the marketing plan, etc.

ALL SHOULD HAVE-- Code of Ethics, Resume, Cover Page, Floor Plan. Outcomes Assessment Plan Saint Peter’s College Department of Business Administration, Undergraduate Program I.

Mission and Broad Based Goals A. Mission: The mission of the Department of Business Administration is to provide a quality education in an elected.

iRubric: Business Plan - Project Rubric

Create Your Own Business Project 2 Business Proposal Rubric CATEGORY 4 3 2 1 Logo Rubric CATEGORY 4 3 2 1 Graphics The student has demonstrated a master of using Refer to your business plan for the number of employees that you decided on. Use the Internet to look up samples of job descriptions.

3 1 6 I c H A P T E R 1 0 Developing an Eflective Business Plan I. TABLE Continued 3. Marketing. There are two major parts to the marketing section. The first part is research and analysis. Here, you should explain who buys the product or service-in other words, identify your target market.

business plan component areas business plan component areas. alternatives. or principles with a few minor principles in developing and Critical-Thinking principles. and organizational problems and in the business functional areas.

and practices assessment of problems and of business to the development in the functional areas of issues in .

Developing a business plan rubric
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