Creating a sustainable supply chain

Many packaging companies offer sustainable packaging options. Jigsaw image by billdayone via Shutterstock. The Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition has developed the validated audit process that covers both social and environmental performance and includes an auditor certification program to drive for further consistency in audits.

These brands are working together to integrate higher standards of environmental and business practices for their industry by eliminating the use of 11 classes of hazardous chemicals from textile production by The noted benefits include the ability to reduce costs significantly with the potential to increase revenue through innovation and enhanced market demand.

Communicate effectively with suppliers regarding performance in relation to sustainability targets. Here are some tactics—from analyzing your transportation network and warehouse design to looking for recycling opportunities—to help you go green and get lean.

Companies with best practices around sustainability will continuously screen customers for unmet needs generated by sustainability developments in the marketplace. Experiment to identify products that can be safely shipped in smaller boxes or even envelopes. Many external resources are available to support these efforts and some are tailored to specific sector needs.

Map your supply chain Many companies do not have a comprehensive understanding of the sustainability impacts of their supply chain. For instance, in some countries, purchasing supplies whose production leads to deforestation is illegal.

Kellogg plans to disclose its greenhouse gas emissions and require its suppliers to do the same, promoting accountability and transparency throughout its own supply chain. Three, select suppliers and agree to targets. To achieve this customer-centric approach to innovation, logistics providers require new platforms to exchange ideas and jointly discover innovations that can be proto-typed and tested.

The investment will support new manufacturing lines, cooling and distribution equipment and production, as well as a program called "Source Africa," which will seek to secure more "consistent and sustainable" local ingredients and raw inputs for Coca-Cola from across Africa.

Conduct appropriate environmental research, in the context of international supply chains, to better anticipate challenges and to allow for organization to pro-actively manage supply chains. In our experience, one effective way to transfer knowledge across the supply chain is to leverage the best practices and case studies from top performing suppliers at annual vendor conferences, via online training modules and through capacity building campaigns.

The National Bureau of Sustainability, in conjunction with various corporations, summarized these best practices which have been modified slightly: For instance, a company might ship products from a distribution center in Indianapolis to Sacramento, only to have part of the shipment backtrack to Wyoming.

That reduces resource consumption and saves money, because the products can be repurchased at about half their original prices. However, current research indicates that the business case for more sustainable business operations is quite strong. What percentage and what types of products are going to landfills or compost?

Increasingly, organizations incorporate all areas included in their code of conduct with special focus and weight in the self-assessments related to areas that are important to their business. Should the definition include the method of production?

Conduct a backhaul analysis "One thing that chews up costs, as well as the environment, is empty trucks returning to the point of origin," McQuilken says.

Only through co-defining and co-developing solutions with your customers, will there be true innovation in the supply chain. Engage leadership As with any worthwhile undertaking, a commitment from the top is critical.

Creating a Sustainable Supply Chain – Best Practices and Business Drivers

McKinsey notes that GlaxoSmithKline is developing flexible pricing schedules for drug deployment in developing countries. The noted benefits include the ability to reduce costs significantly with the potential to increase revenue through innovation and enhanced market demand.

Instead, Keurig needs to "get in the trenches" with its suppliers, and work to address the complex issues of water and farm management.

In addition to the impact of innovations such as augmented reality solutions, bionic enhancements and low-cost sensors to name a fewlogistics is also currently being transformed through the power of data-driven insights.

4 Keys To Creating A Sustainable Supply Chain Advantage

For example, at DHL Supply Chain, we use a customer facing visibility tool called ConnectedView that tracks and monitors the process starting from Customer Order to Warehouse Order through to Transport Order and delivery to provide customers full visibility of the process lifecycle.

Correcting problems that generate waste offers several benefits, says Brian Lipinsky, a lead researcher with the World Resources Institute, an independent, non-governmental global research organization.

Embrace new on-demand, last-mile delivery Last-mile delivery is becoming the new logistics battleground, particularly in the consumer world. But a customer-centric approach is not enough — you need to have customer-centric innovation based on collaborative and strategic dialogue. Kellogg and Coca-Cola are two companies that are making important strides in creating sustainable supply chains.

By showcasing the success stories of selected suppliers, companies not only recognize their efforts but also demonstrate the practical benefits of sustainability initiatives to others in the supply chain. Logistics services and technology are moving further upstream towards enabling and facilitating e-commerce to provide the ultimate customer delight.

19 Steps to Creating a Lean and Green Supply Chain

For instance, they can ask suppliers whether their products can be recycled at the end of their lives, and whether the supplier is trying to reduce waste and energy use.

If you have a more mature supplier sustainability program, your company can do even more: Delivery is no longer owned by larger players who set limitations on delivery times and locations.Supply chain: In today's world of instant communications, viral information transfer, rapid technology changes, the collaborative economy and fluid movement of people between organisations, it is getting increasingly difficult to find, develop and sustain a significant competitive advantage in the market.

One way you ensure your business stands out is. When I began acting on those priorities, expanding a sustainable and socially responsible supply chain was near the top of the list. Avoiding “Conflict Diamonds”. Creating value from source to shelf with a sustainable supply chain.

Creating a Sustainable Supply Chain. By Antoine Foster, Verizon Green Team member. Verizon’s Sustainability mission is to utilize and promote sustainable business practices that reflect our commitment to the economic, environmental and social responsibilities we have to our customers.

Creating a Sustainable Supply Chain: Best Practices and Business Drivers

Creating a sustainable supply chain in today’s highly competitive environments is crucial to gain corporate responsibility. This study will explore how sustainability will be integrated into the supply chain processes using the triple bottom line approach. It will also. More companies are making steps to create a more sustainable supply chain by reducing emissions and implementing other measures.

Creating a sustainable supply chain
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