Bangsamoro a prospect for peace

Everyone, even in basketball, aims to win. They can become the best spokesmen to win over or neutralize other spoilers, or at least, their effectiveness is rendered less encompassing.

Bangsamoro: a Prospect for Peace Essay

The other safety nets include: It is more than their lack of commitment to the BBL or empathy with the plight of the Moros that has given the MILF leadership cause for concern, but the issue of federalism that has caused the greatest consternation.

Natitiyak ko naman na tutulong sila, at hindi sila sasalungat. That is telling in itself. In terms of governance, the plan is for the region to be ruled as an autonomous state with its own parliament elected by local residents. We are satisfied with the decision on the 6 municipalities and the plebiscite.

Suppose only few provinces, cities, and municipalities will join the new Bangsamoro entity? Many quarters did not appreciate this gesture, describing it as demeaning the status of the presidency.

Section of the Local Government Code sets requirements before a municipality is created. At sa pag-uusap naming ito, hindi nila nasabi sa akin na hindi sila pabor. The military, she said, will continue to go after BIFF remnants to "force them to remain dispersed and unable to establish any significant foothold" in one place.

But sincerity of one side is meaningless if not matched by the partner.

Final version of BBL holds fate of Mindanao peace process

Government and governanceLawNational security AsiaSoutheast Asia 24 June Without a durable political solution, the southern Philippines looks likely to regress into pervasive insecurity, writes Zachary Abuza. Well, they may need to have alliances, but not one family can do it," he said.

Marcos in has ever enjoyed such clout and popularity as the current President Aquino. There is a little bit of exaggeration here but this is to describe how we make sure non-compliance is not part of our work norm.

Answering one if or getting through one phase breeds more ifs and uncertainties. This is especially lethal if the aggrieved party, after exhausting all the remedies provided by the process, is willing to take the risk of war if only to showcase its adherence to the sacredness of obligations.

Prospects for peace in Mindanao

Women also held a number of meaningful positions on the negotiating teams of both parties to the conflict. It is a waste of lives and properties.

The goal was to have it passed by the first quarter of at the latest, as it required a plebiscite, the establishment of an interim government, and the transformation of the MILF into a legal political party. If and when CAB is signed, President Aquino, who had promised to end the decades-long insurgency by the time his six-year term ends inmust marshal his party members in Congress to pass the Bangsamoro Basic Law which lays down among other things the structure of the government of Bangsamoro, the relationship of Bangsamoro with the central government, and the rights of residents.

And through sincere continuing engagement or dialogue, if one, two or several of the resisters are won over to the side of the peace-makers, the impact on the whole exercise is tremendous. On February 11,former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo again launched another all-out war against the MILF on the pretext of running after kidnap-for-ransom groups holding out in the Liguasan Marsh.

Follow him on Twitter ZachAbuza. This was, however, overcome during the subsequent meeting of the parties last January The war stalemates and there is no clear winner. In Julyhe was critical of congressmen not from Mindanao who failed to understand local issuesand pledged his support for the BBL.

While the MILF has kept most of its base commanders in line, and largely committed to the peace process, it also has no incentive to serve as a responsible stakeholder and effectively police its territory.

Duterte and prospects for Bangsamoro peace

Lawmakers forming the bicam smile during the ceremonial signing of the Bangsamoro Organic Law on July 18, That was no surprise as four of 24 senators either ran for president or vice-president and they used their assaults on the BBL to burnish their credentials.

For us, we confront and settle one problem after another. Many details of the CAB are not yet being openly discussed. Even the MILF combatants are threats because of the possibility of crossing over to other groups. They are either unwilling to go against the bandwagon created by the signing of the FAB or feel subdued by the popularity of President Aquino.

The on going dispute in Mindanao has lost the Bangsamoro a prospect for peace development in the region.Analysts warn that a peace accord due to be signed on 27 March between the Philippine government and the country's largest Muslim rebel force, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), is unlikely to bring an immediate end to violence and displacement on the southern island of Mindanao.

The Bangsamoro Separatist movement The Policy of Political Autonomy: A road towards national integration The Mindanao Peace Process: A path to success or The Status and Prospect of the “Bangsamoro Separatist Movement” in the Southern Philippines.

Currently, measured in term of the positive responses of the public, not to mention the MILF members and sympathizers and government officials, especially those in the provinces and municipalities, the prospects of the GPH-MILF Framework Agreement on the Bangsamoro (FAB) appear great.

Road to peace, good governance in Mindanao? Despite all these challenges, the hope remains for a peaceful Bangsamoro. While some critics said the bill approved by the bicam is a diluted version, lawmakers, the Bangsamoro Transition Council (BTC), and the MILF believe otherwise.

Overall, the peace process was a very low priority in the presidential campaign, reinforcing the concern among the Moro that there is no place for them within the Philippine national narrative or construct. Essays & Papers Bangsamoro: a Prospect for Peace - Paper Example Bangsamoro: a Prospect for Peace Last semester, I attended the class of Soc Sci 5, a course which briefly tackled this sensitive topic - Bangsamoro: a Prospect for Peace introduction.

Bangsamoro a prospect for peace
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