Appendix f outline and thesis statement guide on line vs traditional education

The essay instructions should make clear to students what set of skills will be most valued when completing the assignment.

After reading, class discussion, and writing to learn, students will be more able to decide what they want to say and thus have a starting point. To write well from an informational, argumentative, or expressive perspective, in other words, students need to use their analytical ability to focus their writing.

Personally, the traditional classroom with the teacher, the blackboard and student contact is my preference, but lately the distance learning platform is winning me over because balancing my graduate studies, my career, family, and home is nearly possible.

Do you want students to develop analytical, informational, argumentative, reflective, or expressive skills, or a combination of several skills?

Start freewriting on a possible direction for the assignment and stop after three minutes, then: Writing to learn becomes a vehicle for figuring out and refining what we think before we communicate publicly to others.

Writing to Learn Whether considering writing in the classroom for a writing course, a First Year Seminar, or a content-area course, it is important to understand how course content can actually be understood and secured through writing to learn.

Ideas for using writing to learn in the classroom: Students can be encouraged to begin with a working central idea in order to develop a preliminary draft.

Seed sentences can help students get started writing and can then be further refined later in the process of writing. Either way, freewriting will allow students to focus closely on a topic. They might bear in mind these structural possibilities: The distance learning modalities continue to be debated among educators and professionals around the world.

Such writing is usually informal, can take a variety of forms, and represents the kind of active thinking and critical engagement with course material that helps students prepare for more formal writing tasks.

The writing situation considers a problem to which the student is proposing a solution. Kent Norman describes this as the electronic classroom in his book, teaching in the Switched on Classroom.

Eli Noam states that the university buildings, dorms, and research center will be replaced by the distance-learning format in the near future. Instructors are using hand held white boards, simulation games, role-playing, reciprocal teaching, and multi-level grouping to keep their classrooms evolving and more interactive.

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The technological revolution have bombarded the traditional classroom with many advances such as electronic grade books like Zangle, laptop computers and Ipads have changed the way students do and hand in homework, the black board have been replaced with the whiteboard and the latest innovation, the smart board.

Successful assignments can be saved and copied for such purposes in future classes. The following handouts provide examples of essay assignments that stress various purposes, sense of audience, and structural ideas: A set of essay instructions can ask students to follow through on these kinds of review and explorations to arrive at a working central idea.

Lorraine Sherry addresses some of the issues surrounding distance learning such as instructional quality and student readiness in Issues in Distance Learning. Introduction Traditional learning is having face-to-face contact with student and teacher.

Most traditional learning classrooms are designed where the teacher is giving direct instruction and students are listening and taking notes. As micro themes grow in number and difficulty, topics for more formal assignments like critical analysis might emerge and signal productive directions for both teacher and student.

Students drawn to online courses may be full-time employees Share these ideas in class discussion, analyzing the strengths and weaknesses and relevance in terms of the assignment.

Distance learning has been around for many years via classes through the mail and the airwaves, television; however, the Internet, telecommunication, and networks have revolutionized the distance-learning craze.

Writing assignments can be developed for different purposes: Will the audience hold values similar to or different from the writer?

How to Write an Outline

Some even show students in pajamas, creating the image of a relaxed, carefree environment. Consider the following general suggestions for planning and creating writing assignments that work well: Advertisements portray online classes as being fun, easy and free of deadlines.

Such a discovery draft will then allow the student to build on early ideas as a more complete draft is written. The electronic classroom will enhance learning but will not change the curriculum or content according to Norman. Analysis is the skill underpinning all others.

Each time the student freewrites, in other words, the original idea becomes more and more focused - the students draws closer to the "center of gravity" for the actual writing assignment and have something to start with for a draft.

Are they to be thinking of the teacher exclusively when completing the assignment? Once the purpose, central idea, and audience have been established as part of the assignment, consider providing students additional advice on the STRUCTURE of their writing.

Working with seed sentences might also be a productive approach to writing to learn.

Although, in the last decade, teachers are creating more interactive lessons where students are more engaged in the learning process. In this mode, students write in order to discover, examine, and test their ideas about reading assignments, class discussions, lectures, and essay topics.

Such considerations will help determine the form and style choices that can be made and are central to the writing task.How to Write an Outline - A Few Tips If you are using Word, or OpenOffice, make sure that the various levels of your outline (I, A, 1, a, i) correspond to the headings in the Word Processing program - Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3, etc.

Axia College Material Appendix D Topic Outline and Thesis Statement Guide Thesis Statement to Marriage: Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace A lot of others think that marriage isn’t important because of the habit to cohabitate as society has such downsize to what the value of marriage has become.

The introduction should contain your thesis statement or the topic of your research as well as the purpose of your study. You may include here the reason why you chose that particular topic or simply the significance of your research paper's topic.

Research Paper Outline Examples. As mentioned earlier, here are some sample outlines for. An outline is a plan for or a summary of a writing project or speech. Learn more with these examples and observations. Learn more with these examples and observations.

Outline (Composition) Search the site GO. Languages. English Grammar Glossary of Key Terms Using Words Correctly Writer's Guide and Index to English, 6th ed.

Scott. I need help with doing an outline. My Thesis statement is:Thesis Statement Distance learning and educational technology - Answered by a verified Tutor It is growing and becoming the most popular way to get an education.

Create a full-sentence outline that includes effective arguments and The virtual student: A profile and guide to. So an Introduction gives an overview of the topic and your thesis statement.

Online Vs. Traditional Education

The final Roman numeral should be your “Conclusion”. A. History as slave and acquisition of education. 1) Sample Outline #2.

Appendix f outline and thesis statement guide on line vs traditional education
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