An evaluation of the characters in amy tans the joy luck club

Based on a work at k Unable to tell her domineering mother-in-law the truth, she devises a clever plan and is released from her marriage honorably.

Tan stopped reading reviews after another wrote that it was a big mistake to think her own life was so interesting that anyone should want to read about it. See also Amy Tan Criticism. It has only just been published because for a while, she became physically incapable of writing.

Jing-mei has always felt a rivalry with her, somewhat imposed by their competitive mothers. Intelligent, ambitious, proud, arrogant, and sometimes cruel, she commands attention. Vincent, Waverly, and Winston. While she is only one of four young women whose stories constitute the novel, the positioning of her story makes her seem to be the primary character, especially since her tales strongly develop the theme and plot of the entire book.

Some might say she is accident-prone, or even jinxed, but Tan thinks it must be luck: Perhaps her huge popularity has counted against her with the literary establishment. Estimated Reading Time The novel consists of 16 short stories, each requiring 25 to 40 minutes to read, and four vignettes requiring five minutes each to read.

When she learned that writers were not allowed into Burma, her mind was made up. Waverly is a child chess prodigy. They come to San Francisco and have one daughter, Lena. Later, he asks for a divorce and is surprised when Rose stands up for herself.

Reviewers have studied the novel from a variety of angles and have generally agreed that the book presents a poignant, insightful examination of not only the generation gap between mothers and daughters, but of the gaps between different cultures as well. Another mother plans how she will give her daughter this perception: When Waverly Jong insults her in front of every one, she is devastated and can barely hold back her tears.

My Interpretation of The Joy Luck Club

Encouraged by her mother, she makes an attempt to express herself and stand up for her beliefs. Although her mother saved to buy her daughter a piano, Jing-Mei refused to practice. When he received a secondhand chess set at a church-sponsored Christmas party, his sister Waverly discovered her interest and talent in chess.

The mothers try to compensate for this difficulty in communication by relating information through stories. The journey to her native land makes Jing-Mei proud to be a Chinese.

The Joy Luck Club Summary

Some reviewers have identified the mother-daughter relationships in the book as part of a growing tradition of matrilineal discourse that is becoming ever more popular in America. When Ted serves her the notice for a divorce, Rose breaks down, indulging in self-pity. She will know my meaning because I will give her this swan.

Amy Tan on The Joy Luck Club – Guardian book club

By sharing quotations from the book, Fawn, the author of this literary analysis, intends to show how, as they grew up, the daughters came to understand, respect, and appreciate their mothers more.

Waverly feels that Lindo takes too much credit for her success and, eventually, she accuses her mother of living vicariously through her.Amy Tan on The Joy Luck Club – Guardian book club • Amy Tan will discuss The Joy Luck Club with John Mullan at the Guardian book club on Thursday at 7pm, Kings Place, 90 York Way, London.

Complete summary of Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of The Joy Luck Club. Additional Characters Critical Evaluation. The Joy Luck Club: A Novel [Amy Tan] I confess to being a little confused on the characters from segment to segment and I think the author could have differentiated the mothers better.

That having been said, it was a delightful read. Read more. 10 people found this helpful/5(). Motifs of Amy Tan’s ”The Joy Luck Club” Essay Sample.

In the first section of The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan, there are many motifs threaded throughout each of the four stories. Essays and criticism on Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club - The Joy Luck Club, Amy Tan Critical Evaluation neighborhood furnishes the main contingent of characters.

The character list is divided into four sections, according to the mother-daughter pairs who narrate The Joy Luck Club’s sixteen stories.

Each family’s list includes family members along with other characters associated with the family or who appear exclusively in the family’s stories.


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An evaluation of the characters in amy tans the joy luck club
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